Bonsai Pots For Sale !

Bonsai pots are almost as varied as the trees themselves! Selecting the right pot for the right specimen can make an ordinary bonsai extraordinary.

Some bonsai pots, in freezing conditions will crack and break. If your in a warm climate, this is of course not an issue, however if you live in a freeze & thaw climate, having your pots deteriorate in the weather can get costly. The strength of a bonsai pot can be determined by the temperature to which it was heated in the kiln during the firing process. In most cases (not all) The color of the completed pot's interior is a good indicator of it's quality. Usually the darker the clay, the stronger the pot. On glazed pots you can usually see the original color of the pot on the bottom or the interior. Of course, "high fired" pots initially cost more but there quality is a good investment in the long run. If your unsure of your bonsai pot's quality, it's recommended to protect it from frost, even if the tree potted in it can handle it.