Concrete Molds For Sale ~ Concrete Molds have many possible purposes. They are a great "Shoe-String Budget" Business,  a perfect way to make custom gifts for friends and family. Or use your Concrete Molds to add to your existing business product line. Here you will find Concrete molds for sale with a huge selection and at excellent prices and quality!

Concrete Stepping Stone Molds For Sale!

Concrete Molds For Sale, Create your own decorative concrete projects!

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This Fairy Stone Mold and others like it can be purchased here when available.

Build your own Yard & Garden edging. The perfect way to inexpensively and profesionaly seperate your lawn from your gardens with a low maintenance mowing strip. Purchasing several of these molds can help create a faster production.


Concrete stepping stones are easy to build and make excellent gifts. Perfect for that muddy spot outside your shed or greenhouse or for that trail worn through your lawn. Stepping stone molds can be used over and over creating an inexpensive product.

Purchasing stone can cost a fortune depending on your location. Concrete stone molds make fine landscape installations affordable to anybody. Build your own stone for pathways, patios, entryways, or you name it. Cast them cure them, stain them, install them, $ell them!

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Add some intrigue to your garden or enhance your theme with theses unique whimsical molds.

This inexpensive mold intended for sand will work excellent for concrete. A must have improvement to any border or flower garden!


Garden Gnomes are a large part of our population today with an estimated 25 + million living in Germany alone. These secretive little people can be difficult to find with any kind of quality. Not only can you make your own good old fashioned, life long lasting, quality concrete Gnomes with these molds, you can become the new supplier.


Creating a concrete piece without molds has some clear advantages. Each one will be a one of a kind piece of art giving it a higher value. You don’t have to worry about air bubbles or pockets, breaking during the de-mold or mold lines or sand pockets. Steel reinforcement for strength is simple and by using a detailed procedure a hand sculpted piece can be as easy as successfully completing a molding process.

Add this completely unique, high quality, Bright Pathway/patio light to your inventory!